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Keng Lye’s Latest Three Dimensional Resin Paintings.

Recent paintings by Keng Lye (Previously on Supersonic) which he creates by painting layer after layer of resin to create a three dimensional finished product.  Be sure and check out more of his incredible work below!

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Eagle nebula

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Stephanie Buer at Thinkspace Gallery.

Stephanie Buer will have brand new work on display alongside artist Mary Iverson in the two person show, “After,” at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California starting this Saturday, August 16th.  Stephanie’s photorealistic, gritty street scenes are contemporary time capsules.  Take a look at a few more below:

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Alexis Persani puts clothes on the sculptures of the museum   

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Paul Fryer

Lucifer (Morning star), 2008

Anodized aluminum, silicon rubber cord,

wax work figure, feathers, concrete

this is the single most painfully beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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A Softer World: 1138

(not every verb has to be transitive)

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Dragons -

Tools : Coffee/Pigments




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Since its creation the Mona Lisa has an object of fascination to artists and audiences alike. Artists even began replicating the iconic painting within Leonardo da Vinci’s lifetime. Da Vinci himself considered it an attempt to paint perfection. Replicas and reinterpretations exist in the thousands and continue to this day as the Mona Lisa is not protected by any copyright laws

1. Leonardo da Vinci c. 1503-1505 

2. Known as the Mona Lisa del Prado c. 16th century

3. Known as the Oslo Copy c. 16th or 17th century

4. Known as the Walters Copy c. 16th Century

5. Known as the Hermitage Copy c. 16th century

6. Jean Ducayer c. 17th century

7. Corot c. 19th century

8. Sapeck c. 1883

9. Salvador Dali c. 1954

10. Graphic Nothing c. 21st century

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Mark 43 - La piñata de hierro



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i saw this on one of those strange little picture slideshow websites so i decided to post it ;) have fun kids

I have found heaven and it’s full of liquor

This is how adults play games lol

im really feelin that sexual jenga and the fucking alcohol chess.

I have my version of the jenga game it’s awesomes

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